Tooth Fillings

If you suspect you need fillings in your teeth, get in touch with My Affordable Dentists and our team will find a suitable dentist in your area to carry out treatment.
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General Dentistry

My Affordable Dentists has a range of general dentistry options available, tailored to suit your specific oral health needs.
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Oral Hygiene

At My Affordable Dentists, we recommend an oral hygiene check-up at least once every six months, or sooner if necessary.
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My Affordable Dentists can make sure your smile flourishes once again.
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Wisdom Tooth Removal

Wisdom teeth removal is usually the only permanent solution, and also ensures that the surrounding teeth do not become infected.
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Cosmetic Dentistry

My Affordable Dentists can help you to find an effective solution and get you laughing once again.
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Tooth extractions can also be a part of a larger dental procedure including the extraction of some permanent teeth to make space for orthodontic treatment, however we emphasise we only take this option if absolutely necessary.
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Dental bridges act like a false tooth, providing a great solution to filling gaps in your mouth when you lose a tooth.
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Root Canal Treatment

Our aim is to get you out of discomfort as quickly and painless as possible
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Teeth Whitening

If your teeth are stained, yellowing or otherwise discoloured, My Affordable Dentists can help you set things right
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Children's Dentistry

Healthy teeth are important to your child’s overall wellbeing, so you need to make sure you promote good habits right from the get-go
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My Affordable Dentists @Lesmurdie


At My Affordable Dentists @Lesmurdie, we have a strong link with the community. We aim to be a clinic which you can rely on for care, for you and your family.

Nervous patients find our care refreshing with the gentle approach we take (change to “give”) to all our patients. We pride ourselves in making time to listen to patients’ concerns, and if they are still feeling concerned about their dental treatment, then IV sedation or a General Anaesthetic can be offered. It is all about getting to know each patient as an individual so that we can provide the dental care which makes each person feel genuinely comfortable.

We are passionate about giving the local community the very best dental care. We are very friendly and approachable even if you wish just to pop in to chat to us and have a cup of tea or coffee. Patients who are nervous are especially happy with what we can offer.

180 Grove Rd, Lesmurdie WA 6076
(08) 6244 1717
8:30-5pm Monday to Friday
Closed Saturday and Sunday
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Our Services

My Affordable Dentists @Lesmurdie can help find the right dental treatments for your whole family. The dentists we work with are just as passionate as we are about your oral health care needs, and can offer: